Nutritional WellbeingNutritional WellbeingNutritional Wellbeing

2. Nutritional Wellbeing

The goal of the Wellbeing nutritional programme is to help you acquire the tools needed to not only lose weight but to learn how to successfully keep the weight off, for the rest of your life.

The Deliteful Wellbeing meal plan

The Deliteful Wellbeing meal plan is based on well researched scientific principles and will consist of 6 separate eating times per day. The meals are nutritionally balanced and calorie controlled with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, they are low in fat, low in sodium, low in refined carbohydrate and high in multigrain cereals with realistic portion sizes.

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Certified Executive Chef - Incorporating all of the Wellbeing principles, the meal plan has been designed by a certified executive chef, author, speaker and expert in weight management, Cathryn Matthes. Learn more about the meals/recipes you will get access to when you join our family.

Nutrition Workshops - Run by our experienced resident NHS weight managment specialist, you will learn portion control and nutritional balance to aid you with meal planning. We look at understanding food labeling and misleading information on food products. The workshops are interactive and practical. Teaching you to be mindful about what you eat is the first step to making healthier, more satisfying choices. This ultimately means you can actually eat more and still reach your ideal weight.

Wellbeing Mentor - At the academy we understand that losing weight is only the first step and maintaining weight loss is key to the success of any programme. Once you have completed the course you will have access to your personal Wellbeing mentor to help boost your motivation, gain tips and advice, as well as support. In addition we have an online blog where you can ask health and fitness questions and receive post course support from other academy members.

Dietetic Clinics - These provide personal one-to-one sessions for help to address your specific health concerns. They are provided by our resident HPC registered dietitian.  A full nutritional assessment can be undertaken together with a nutritional analysis of your current diet. This will ensure you are given individualised dietary advice whilst promoting healthy dietary choices in a simple and realistic manner