Bern’s real life experience

The Wellbeing Journey of Bern

Bern runs his own Graphic Design & PR studio in Manchester, is 50 years young, married to Rachael & they have 3 children, aged 11, 14 & 16 years old.

Elite Sportsman Bern knows what “Real Wellbeing feels like; “When your body & mind are performing to their maximum”.

From his days, as an Elite Rugby Union Player, when his honours included; Capped for England Students, British Polytechnics, Leicestershire, East Lancashire U-21’s & playing  at the Highest level for Wasps & Leicester Tigers alongside many of England’s World-Cup winning heroes ,such as Rob Andrew, Clive Woodward, Rory Underwood, Dean Richards & Brian Moore to name but a few.

Post Rugby the arrival of a young family and the demands of his growing Business caused Bern to step down from Top Level Rugby.

Affects on Bern’s Wellbeing
Whilst Bern continued to eat the same Healthy Foods, he had needed to fuel his sporting needs his weight grew as he used significantly less energy. This had an effect on, energy levels, sleeping, blood pressure and general Wellbeing, but not at a level that Bern had considered severe.

Bern-before Bern-after
Bern before he began his journey Bern after attending Hilton Head and Academy 4 Wellbeing

What changed Bern’s thinking?
A visit to The World Renowned; Hilton Head Health Institute,” Weight- Loss  Spa", in South Carolina, USA, and subsequent trials at Academy 4 Wellbieng courses who were preparing to launch, Britain’s own challenge and solution to The World-Wide Obesity Epidemic and gaining “Inspiration” from the way The Hilton Head’s Experience: “Re-Programmes “people’s approach to Wellbeing, by re-educating, motivating and supporting their guests to make sustainable improvements in Physical, Nutritional and most importantly Emotional Wellbeing.”

Bern “wholeheartedly supports the Launch of Britain’s; Academy4Wellbeing” which opens in June 2012, in Central England so that UK and EEC guests can have the same “life-changing experience” that he has had without having to travel across the ocean for a solution to their weight, health, fitness and overall wellbeing needs.