Meet the Team

Members of the Academy team are registered on the Health Professional Council, and the resident fitness experts are registered with REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals). Some of the team also currently work within the NHS as Weight Management practioners and experts.


Managing Director and Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences Specialist. Creator of the Academy’s carefully crafted, Physical Wellbeing Programme, Daniel provides expert guidance for its Fitness Specialists and Instructors.


Chairman. Bob's inspiration as one of the founders of The Academy 4 Wellbeing is ‘to re-programme our communities knowledge of wellbeing, to ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Dr Anthony

Lead Consultant for Emotional Wellbeing. Currently his main interest is improving wellbeing for people in challenging situations, focusing on reshaping established patterns of behaviour and thought.


Award Winning NHS Weight Management Specialist. Wendy believes it is not enough to want to lose the weight it is important to understand the reasons why.


Director of Physical Wellbeing. With over 30 years experience as a physical wellbeing professional, Martin has the abilities to guide clients on their weight-loss journeys and help them to meet their fitness goals.


Certified Executive Chef & Consultant Cathryn "Chef C" has been polishing her culinary craft for more than 35 years. Overweight from childhood, she gravitated to healthy cooking early in her career and is now recognized as one of the Top Ten Spa Chefs in the Southeast.

Chef Hannah

Chef Hannah is the head chef at Delicious and continues to work with Chef C, together to make sure the Deliteful Menu you will enjoy at the Academy 4 Wellbeing has delicious, tasty flavours, realistic portion sizes and is nutritionally balanced.


Karen is one of the Academy 4 Wellbeing's Fitness Consultants. She is a fully qualified personal trainer and diet advisor and has experience training clients from 30 - 92 years of age. She also has an excellent dance/theater background and a fun and bubbly personality that really motivates her clients to lose weight.


John has extensive experience of organising school based adult training for wellbeing.


Nutritional Wellbeing Consultant and former registered dietitian and professional member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA).


Services Manager for Delicious Cafes.


Chartered Clinical Psychologist. The ethos of the work Shradha undertake revolves around healthy eating and lifestyle change with a specific focus around changing mindset in the choices we make.