Bob is a highly successful entrepreneur, with 35 years senior management experience in the Food and Leisure Industries. He is a very positive and innovative person, with a very strong social conscience.

Bob has been on a significant ‘Wellbeing Journey’ over the last 14 years, which has seen him lose (and keep off) 100lbs in weight. He is also a type 2 diabetic, and has developed strategies that maintain his blood-sugar at non-diabetic levels through what he believes are The 3 Pillars of Wellbeing, namely, Emotional, Physical and Nutritional Health. He receives only modest medication.

His inspiration as one of the founders of The Academy 4 Wellbeing is ‘to re-programme our communities knowledge of wellbeing, to ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle for our people and to address the serious epidemic of obesity, inactivity and deterioration in health that is sweeping through the developed world.’

Bob says of himself; ‘Life is a daily battle for all of us and yet through adopting a simple and consistent approach to wellbeing, we can be better equipped to cope with all that life throws at us.’

He also adds; ‘I’m fitter, healthier and more energetic at 60, than I was at 40.’

Bob is dad to his two sons, Dominic and Daniel, and grandad to Gabriel and Raphaela.


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