Chef Hannah

Chef Hannah started out as a pot washer at 16 working for a company called Eurest who are part of the well known Business Compass, within the Müller factory. It was at this time that the chef in the canteen restaurant asked her if she wanted to have a go at making a soup. “ I still remember it to this day that it was Mushroom” Hannah tells us.

With her enthusiasm for food she gave it a go, really enjoyed it and never looked back and at every given opportunity she was cooking or making something new.

The Head Chef left to start up another site and saw the great potential in Chef Hannah and offered her the opportunity to join him as his chef and put her through all the relevant NVQ’s and qualifications in cooking and she continued to practice her trade alongside him.

At 21 she worked her way up to Chef Manager and attended many managerial courses.

She continued to work for Eurest and later at Olive catering for a total of 7 years. During this time she took part in the healthy eating awards, preparing and cooking a different, calorie counted, healthy recipe every day which was to be followed exactly and precisely and led to the company winning Gold in the healthy eating competition.

Head Chef Hannah has now been with Delicious over a year and continues to deliver fantastic food at our restaurant at the Trentham Estate. She has also benefited greatly and continues to do so from internal training from our Certified Executive Chef & Consultant (CEC, LLC, Chef C) who has been honoured twice by Spa Finders Magazine (2001-2002) for her cuisine at Hilton Head Health, a world renowned weight loss and healthy lifestyle retreat.

Chef Hannah and Chef C continue to work together to make sure the Deliteful Menu you will enjoy at the Academy 4 Wellbeing has delicious, tasty flavours, realistic portion sizes and is nutritionally balanced.