Dr Anthony

Lead Consultant for Emotional Wellbeing

Chartered Psychologist, BA, BA(Hons), MA, MSc, PsychD
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology
Professional Consultant in Clinical and Health Psychology
Visiting Professor, Centre for Practice and Service Improvement,
Faculty of Health, Staffordshire University, Blackheath Lane, Stafford ST18 0AD

Anthony is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. He works both within the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, as well as independently as a Professional Consultant. As an applied psychologist he uses his experience of over 25 years to facilitate growth and development.

His work takes place in a variety of contexts, with individuals, teams and professional groups. Individual and group work includes therapeutic input, counselling, coaching and facilitation in the fields of clinical and health psychology for enhancing health, wellbeing, lifestyle, weight management and performance. This ranges from training and development of consultants and clinical directors in leadership development, to executive coaching at board level, and assisting teams in relation to managing pressure, conflict or troubled communications.

Currently his main interest is improving wellbeing for people in challenging situations, focusing on reshaping established patterns of behaviour and thought. His work at the Academy4Wellbeing brings together cutting edge applications and is a culmination of a dream to work alongside dynamic people with passion, warmth, compassion and skill. He specializes in the use of Mindfulness training in developing personal growth and resilience through effective self-management.

He is involved in collaborative work and publication at the Faculty of Health, including the book Beating Stress in the NHS together with Ruth Chambers and Elizabeth Boath. He is a member of the UK Network of Practitioner Occupational Health Psychologists, and regularly presents at international conferences and professional meetings.