Physical Wellbeing is at the core of total wellbeing. Directed and delivered by Martin, the Academy4Wellbeing’s Physical Wellbeing program boasts a unique and scientifically structured approach to fitness. The Director of Physical Wellbeing and the Director of Fitness (Daniel Bowers) work in unison with qualified staff to offer clients the benefits of their fitness expertise.

As a member of the Health Professions Council, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Physio First, Martin offers the Academy 4 Wellbeing a wealth of knowledge and experience as a physical health expert.

Whilst studying, Martin was credited for his involvement with the Remedial Gymnastics and Recreational Therapy at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff in 1977. He chose to specialise in applied anatomy, human kinetics and rehabilitation through exercise. In order to gain a clearer insight into the world of medicine, Martin worked at Leicester Royal Infirmary on a rotational basis covering all aspects of medicine and spent time at a rehabilitation centre setting criteria for the involvement in rehabilitation classes and providing rehabilitation to patients.

For four years Martin worked at a professional football club and a busy outpatients physiotherapy department where he was able to exercise his skill, using a combination of hydrotherapy rehabilitation and treatment for patients. After working in a private health clinic Martin went on to develop a purpose-built Lakeside Physiotherapy Clinic, which opened its doors in 1995 and now employs nine members of staff.

As an expert in movement impairment syndromes, muscle imbalance, clinical neurodynamics and cervico-genic headache dysfunctions Martin has devised a bespoke Postural Awareness and Core Stability session, which the Academy 4 Wellbeing is proud to present as a part of the Physical Wellbeing program.

With over 30 years experience as a physical wellbeing professional, Martin has the abilities to guide clients on their weight-loss journeys and help them to meet their fitness goals.