Chartered Clinical Psychologist

As a Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the NHS over the past 15 years, I have worked in mental and physical health settings and have a particular interest in weight management services.

Within the private sector I currently work for a pharmaceutical organisation in providing assessment and group interventions for people struggling with weight management issues. The ethos of the work I undertake revolves around healthy eating and lifestyle change with a specific focus around changing mindset in the choices we make.

Having conquered my own personal experience of weight management, I firmly believe in a holistic approach integrating diet, exercise and emotional support which necessitate time for self care and valuing the roles you play.

Using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for evidence based treatment, I work with individuals, couples, groups and wider family systems as weight affects not only the individual but also the system as a whole. By changing habits of a lifetime, you choose to become a stronger, more assertive person who will begin to take control of weight rather than weight controlling you.

Working as a part of a team demonstrates the value and effectiveness each member has in the system. The services can be encapsulated by the saying the Whole is Greater than the Sum of it’s Parts. If your time for Change is now, success will follow.