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Welcome to our Wellbeing Family

Welcome to our Wellbeing Family

Bob, Chairman and co-founder of Academy 4 Wellbeing, along with his son Daniel, Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences Specialist, discuss Bob’s ‘Journey to Wellbeing’ and the birth of The Academy 4 Wellbeing ‘Healthy Weight Loss Breaks’...

Bob's Journey to Wellbeing

Bob, Chairman and co-founder of Academy 4 Wellbeing, along with his son Daniel, Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences Specialist, discuss Bob's 'Journey to Wellbeing' and the birth of The Academy 4 Wellbeing 'Healthy Weight Loss Breaks'.

Bob is a highly successful Businessman, 62 years old, Father of 2 and Grandfather who paid the price for neglecting his own wellbeing by putting work and providing for his family ahead of his own physical and emotional needs; Sound familiar?

Like most of us Bob turned to food to satisfy his emotional needs, which was a habit, he later discovered had its roots in his childhood.

The Crisis Point; was reached in 1994 when Bob was 45 and his weight had ballooned to nearly 22 stone (300 lbs). Emotional turmoil triggered his addictive behaviour, but the underlying cause had not been identified!! Due to go out to dinner with friends, he reached rock bottom, when he realised, he didn't have a pair of trousers that he could fasten and he claimed ill-health as a reason for not going out.

His Strategy
Overwhelmed by the enormity of his situation, Bob sought expert help.

Firstly he visited his Doctor Friend, Gordon, who referred him to an Eating Disorders Clinic and was recommended Professional Counselling. He joined Weight -Watchers and appointed as personal trainer, his friend Martin, also an Eminent Physiotherapist.

With help from his sister Annemarie he re-visited his faith and belief in God and started to: "Learn to Love himself", this was what he defines as; "The 3 Pillars of Wellbeing", the combination of Physical, Nutritional and Emotional/Psychological Health which are enshrined in the Academy4Wellbeing, which he now champions as a solution to the obesity epidemic, that is so badly affecting Westernised society and has resulted in 23% of The UK's population of 65 million, being Clinically Obese.

Bob believes that; "If I hadn't changed my lifestyle, I might not have made 50!!!!"
Sadly the result of his years of "binge eating" is that he has Type 2 Diabetes, which he says; "is a daily reminder to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle".

Birth of the Academy4Wellbeing
Bob's youngest Son Daniel meanwhile had developed a successful career in Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences, as a university lecturer and researcher at Staffordshire University and Glynd┼Ár University , as well as working as a Sport Consultant, advising on funding Sports, Health and Wellbeing Projects.

Bob sold his main business in 2007 and was looking for a really worthwhile project. He and Daniel decided to research the Worldwide Wellbeing Crisis and to see if their combined skills could establish an organisation, to tackle the impending effects of modern living on society and what they describe as "A Conspiracy against Wellbeing"

Hilton Head Health, South Carolina USA.
They then embarked on a significant period of research, which included attending a multitude of Spas and Boot Camp experiences and concluded that whilst both methods were better than nothing, that neither sought to fully "Re-Programme" Peoples Food habits and less Healthy Lifestyles, which are at the source of the crisis! Finally a visit to the "World -Renowned" Hilton Head Health Institute in South Carolina, USA, helped "turned the lights on!!!"

What makes Hilton Head Health so very Special?

  • 35 years experience in Weight Loss Management puts them "light years " ahead of their contemporaries
  • The Food is of the Highest Quality in Taste and flavours, presentation, nutritional value and is amazingly filling considering it only totals 1200 calories daily.
  • The Eminence of the Team shines through, through their qualifications and many years of dedication, to their guest's wellbeing.
  • The daily workshops are key ,to successfully changing people's relationship with food and it is the information that guests are "fed" in the daily lectures that informs, educates and helps them develop new strategies and changes behaviour.
  • The supportiveness of guests and staff to each other's success shines through and guests who have self-esteem issues feel they are not judged, instead are supported ,loved and celebrated through this "Magical Process of Change "
  • The Programme is proven over many years of development and practice to get sustainable results.
  • Home Support is a key to maintaining weight loss.

The Link
Hilton Head Health (H3) has "inspired" The Academy 4 Wellbeing, to adopt similar good practices, but in a "European Style", with a more structured and led programme, to help guests maximise the benefits of The Academy 4 Wellbeing "Healthy Weight-Loss Breaks " at the idyllic Trentham Estate, in Staffordshire.

The Academy 4 Wellbeing continues its strong links with Hilton Head Health and its staff and recommends this offer to those who wish to experience an award winning Weight Loss Spa experience in a more tropical climate. We can arrange contact with H3 if this is of interest to you too?

The Solution
To Establish the Academy 4 Wellbeing Residential Courses, so that guests could have a "kick- start ", through a beautifully designed Food Regime, Daily Group Exercise Allied to Emotional, Physical and Nutritional Wellbeing Workshops, all set in a Historic and Idyllic, Lakeland and Parkland setting.


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