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"Wellbeing Park" @Stone Doms FC

As part of Stone Dominoes FC 25 year anniversary this year the wonderful 26 acre site at Yarnfield, Stone is to be renamed “Wellbeing Park", the home of Stone Dominoes FC and The Academy 4 Wellbeing Green Gym Boot Camps!

As a continuation of the excellent work done over the last 25 years in the community with youth football by the Bowers family, "Wellbeing Park" will also be home to Bobs youngest son Daniel's, latest venture The Academy 4 Wellbeing Healthy Weight Loss Breaks and Boot Camps. The 7 day residential Weight Loss breaks will operate mainly from the Trentham Estate whilst Wellbeng Park will host the Weekly Outdoor Green Gym Boot Camps that aim to help improve the health, fitness and wellbeing of its community. Please see The Sentinel's online excellent press coverage of Stone Dominoes FC 25 year story of Wellbeing or our press clippings and The Academy 4 Wellbeing website for the next chapter of this inspirational story at Wellbeing Park.

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Great stuff, you helepd me out so much!

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