Posted on 27 November 20130 Comments

Christmas Survival Pack

How can we survive Christmas and New Year whilst still enjoying ourselves, without putting on weight and still looking & feeling great? Here is an early Christmas present from the Academy 4 Wellbeing to help YOU do just that.
Posted on 14 October 20130 Comments

Post Holiday Blues?

We all know the pattern.  We work hard at our jobs, even harder in the run up to the two weeks annual leave and then enjoy our well-earned break. On our return, we can experience that post-holiday feeling and perhaps a tinge of regret that we brought more back from our holiday than a few photographs in the form of a couple of pounds in body fat.
Posted on 30 August 20130 Comments

Pre & Post Exercise Fuel

Danny Bowers, Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences Specialist and Managing Director of The Academy 4 Wellbeing Boot Camps & Tailored Fat Loss packages, discusses when and what we should be putting into our bodies before and after we exercise to achieve the best results.
Posted on 19 July 20130 Comments

Wellbeing Bootcamp helps pals to the top of Mount Toubkal, Morocco!

Thinking "what can signing up to the A4W Bootcamp do for me?" It's 11:30am on Wednesday 29thMay 2013, at the base of Mount Toubkal in Morocco, the highest mountain in North Africa at 4167m (13,671ft). Seven friends in a team are just setting out on a two day trek to the summit and back down.  Among them are myself, Grant, and my mate Mike. We had spent the previous 14 weeks attending the A4W Bootcamp, three times a week. Would this prove to have been preparation enough for the trek ahead?
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Get fit 4 Summer @ Academy 4 Wellbeing

WANT TO GET FIT AND CHANGE YOUR BODY SHAPE FOR SUMMER? Do you want an individually tailored one-to-one training programme at a time that works for you or to to exercise in a group environment at a fraction of the cost? Or require fitness training for yur sports team? The Academy 4 Wellbeing can provide the ideal solution to discovering a new slimmer, healthier, fitter you this summer.
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Water Babies

Do you drink enough Water? Do you have too much Salt in your diet? Wendy Wells, Weight Management Specialist at The Academy 4 Wellbeing and NHS practitioner, discusses the importance and dangers of too much and too little Water and Salt in our diet.