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Exercise & Fat-Loss. How to get started on an exercise programme?

So how does somebody who is over fat, has done no exercise or physical activity for years and has various musculoskeletal problems, start to implement an exercise programme? Martin Copeland (MCSP RG & RT HPC )
Director of Physical Wellbeing at The Academy 4 Wellbeing, Chartered physiotherapist, Remedial Gymnast & Recreational Therapist and Director of Lakeside Physiotherapy Clinic gives some useful advice...

One of the consequences of being over fat (obese) is that many people will go on to develop musculoskeletal problems that will result in them requiring physiotherapy treatment. This can manifest itself in various guises such as dropped arches, painful ankles, knees ,hips and spinal pain presenting itself anywhere from the lower back to the neck due joint and disc compression and over use of the muscles which are striving to maintain an upright posture.
It is for this reason that we believe an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist with a
musculoskeletal background is ideally placed to not only treat the injury but to also play a central role in advising and developing an exercise programme alongside a trainer that will suit the needs of the individual and help them to lose body fat.

At the Academy 4 Wellbeing we always recommend on our Personal Training programmes, that a full musculoskeletal assessment should be undertaken to identify potential weaknesses and lack of flexibility in either the upper or lower limbs. The individual should also be checked for poor pelvic and spinal control and poor alignment of the leg in the weight bearing position.

If any abnormalities are identified during the assessment they will need to be addressed before embarking on an exercise programme. Failure to do so will almost inevitably result in an injury which usually occurs when the level of intensity is increased.


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