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Emotional Wellbeing - Eating Mindfully

The psychological or emotional aspects of eating are relevant when we contemplate modifying or moderating our food intake in order to be more healthy.  Have you thought about questions like: Why do I eat? Is it purely a function of hunger? Do I find myself eating ‘mindlessly’, without noticing what I am taking in?

In the February 2013 edition of Staffordshire Life, The Academy 4 Wellbeing’s Lead Consultant for Emotional Wellbeing, Professor Anthony L. Schwartz talks about such Psychological aspects of Wellbeing such as Mindfulness and Emotional eating.

Wellbeing is made up of a number of dimensions, many of which are particular to the individual. Nevertheless, there are things that impact on all of us, in our busy lives. Increasing demands on our resources, particularly our time, results in us feeling under pressure and often stressed. Then there are issues over which we have little of no control which impact on us, such as the global economy and climate change to name but two. Add to this mélange our own interpersonal circumstances such as our work situations, family relationships and social expectations, and it is not unrealistic to assume that at times we may have felt overwhelmed. This may lead to patterns of behaviour and eating which we could review and revise.


Please read the very interesting Full article below.

Mindfully Eating - Feb, 2013 Staffordshire Life Magazine


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