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“The Importance of a Holistic Approach to Health, Wellbeing and Weight Loss”

The Academy 4 Wellbeing can announce that it is Staffordshire Life Magazines regular, monthly Health, Fitness and Wellbeing contributor.

In our first monthly article, Daniel Bowers, Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences Specialist and Managing Director of The Academy 4 Wellbeing, Staffordshire’s Premier, Health, Fitness & Weight Loss Retreat and Boot Camps discusses the importance of a holistic approach to overall Wellbeing, health and sustainable weight loss in the coming months.

The Academy 4 Wellbeing promotes healthy weight loss through a holistic approach using its 3 core pillars of Wellbeing: Physical, Nutritional and Emotional.
In this first of a series of Wellbeing Articles we introduce readers to these "3 Wellbeing Pillars", the team of experts responsible for each different "Pillar" and discuss the benefits of them ALL equally on an individual's overall Wellbeing, Health and weight loss.
On your journey with the Academy 4 Wellbeing, over the coming months, you will gain, knowledge, skill and ability in taking control of your own wellbeing, aiming to provide you with an insight into some of the following benefits.

Read the FULL article here: Staffordshire Life Wellbeing Article, January 2013

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I'm so on board! I started a green smhootie/raw food detox 2 days ago. Planning to do it until the end of Jan. Your bog will be much needed motivation. Keep em coming!

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