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Water Babies

Do you drink enough Water? Do you have too much Salt in your diet?

Wendy Wells, Weight Management Specialist at The Academy 4 Wellbeing and NHS practitioner, discusses the importance and dangers of too much and too little Water and Salt in our diet.

What makes hydration so important? How long can you go without food? A week, two weeks? It's about a month actually. Now how about water? Try 1-3 days maximum.


Water is such a vital part of maintaining good health and carries so many purposes that we take it for granted.  Water transports nutrients around the body, is a vital component of many body fluids, regulates our central heating system and even provides protection from trauma for some areas of the body such as the brain.  Water helps transfer glucose, oxygen and fats to the muscles needed for the energy for muscular contraction and absorbs heat from your working muscles, meaning they contract better.


The discussion is not 'is water essential' it is how much? what sort?


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