Posted on 14 October 20130 Comments

Post Holiday Blues?

We all know the pattern.  We work hard at our jobs, even harder in the run up to the two weeks annual leave and then enjoy our well-earned break.

On our return, we can experience that post-holiday feeling and perhaps a tinge of regret that we brought more back from our holiday than a few photographs in the form of a couple of pounds in body fat.

The difficulty is how to get started and be ready to face the return to normal life, return to work and the prospect of autumn on the horizon.  Now is the time to sit down with a pad and pen and give yourself some quiet time.  You need to consider your goals and your targets.  Write them down and consider them, slowly and carefully.  Make sure that you set yourself goals that you consider exciting, real, tangible and most importantly, achievable. Be honest with yourself about what you can really achieve.

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