Posted on 10 June 20130 Comments

What Price Success, Without The Wellbeing To Enjoy It?

This Article is to GIVE HOPE to those who feel they are facing an impossible task to return to normal, healthy & fruitful lives. This is the story of a local, Successful Business & Family man & his remarkable Wellbeing Journey that has been decribed by his GP Dr as a "miracle".
Posted on 01 March 20130 Comments

The healthy breakfast debate

Daniel Bowers  and Wendy Wells, (Weight Management Specialist at the Academy 4 Wellbeing and 2012 NHS Nurse Institute Award of the Year for her work with weight management and obesity) discuss the importance of breakfast, to aid fat loss and provide a wide variety of different options to try, including access to their scientific nutrient analysed recipes designed by Chef C, Certified Executive Weight Loss Chef & Consultant for the Academy 4 Wellbeing.