What a success story for Phil!

Phil Latham tentatively came to try a FREE taster Bootcamp class in January 2015. It was a recommendation from a friend who had already got amazing results with Daniel at the Academy4Wellbeing.

He was worried about his health after seeing his lifestyle nurse who told him he had high total cholesterol at 6.6 and was overfat at 220lbs especially around his mid section. Like everyone, initially he had a little trepidation and worry about what to expect - would he fit in and keep up with the rest of the group at the bootcamps.

So a plan was put into place of one session a week. Phil soon realised that “Daniel was brilliant at tailoring exercise to my needs and was so caring and supportive - he made sessions so much fun.”

In five months Phil has now lost over three stone, and kept it off! With a loss of over 6% body fat and increased muscle mass, Phil now has a faster metabolism meaning he finds it much easier to keep weight off. His total cholesterol is now down to 4.5 and his lifestyle nurse can’t quite believe how he has managed to do it.


He is happier and less self conscious and now exercises three times a week with the Academy4Wellbeing. His story is so typical of many of our clients. Why not come and try a FREE taster session and you may be our next success story.